What are your payment methods?

We accept payments via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Gcash (via cash / online deposit). At checkout, you'll be able to see these options and select accordingly.

Do you offer Cash On Delivery (COD)?

As of now, we don't. We've disabled this payment method since we're offering custom products. We require payments first before we process any orders.

What is your ETA / Fulfillment Time?

We print orders by batch (at least twice a week). This is to ensure quality. And in order to do so, we have to check each and every design before process them for production. Normally, this would take at least 1 week from the day your order is received. Once production is done, expect to receive an email with your tracking info.

Please note that if your design needs approval or higher resolution, expect an email from us. We will only start production if your design has been approved. If we don't hear from you within 3 days, your order will be automatically cancelled.

What should be my design's resolution?

We require at least 300 dpi in resolution / 1900 x 799. Of course, the higher your design's resolution is, the better the print quality is. If your order has a lower resolution, we will email you about it and ask for a higher resolution.

Do I need to provide my own design?

Yes, you have to. You need to give us your design. We don't really create designs from scratch. It is you who will have to provide it to us. Our service mainly revolves around customizing and printing mousepads. If you want us to create the design for you, please email us at hello@stayliph.com or message us on Facebook / Instagram. There will be a design fee, which is separate from the payment for the product / item. In some cases, if the design isn't that complicated, we won't require a design fee from you. However, we might ask you to pay half the amount of your total order as an assurance. We do this to ensure that our designers and their hard work are reciprocated accordingly.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, we do. Even more so, we offer FREE shipping. This is a limited time offer, though, and might change without further notice. If we aren't able to ship to your address, we will let you know via email / text.

Do you have RGB / LED mousepad?

Unfortunately, for now, we don't have. We only offer standard extended mousepads. However, we are committed to expanding our market and product reach, so expect this to be available on our store soon!

Could you make adjustments to my design?

In most cases, we can. However, if the adjustment needed is too complicated or would require a hefty amount of time, we might require a design fee. This is separate from the payment for the product / order. If our designers won't require a fee (e.g. the design isn't that complicated and can be adjusted in a matter of minutes), we will ask that you pay half of the your order total as upfront payment. This is to avoid the scenario where the customer cancels the order simply because he lost interest or whatsoever, despite knowing his design has been created already.